Frequently Asked Questions


How much are your monuments?

Easily the most often asked question.  Monuments range in price depending on the size, color of granite used and finish.   Georgia "blue" or Grey granite is the least expensive material used in our area due to it's ease to quarry.  Black, brown, red, pink and other color granite are more expensive and are prices vary based on ease to quarry, amount of waste and shipping as they are quarried around the world.  Additions of vases, ceramic pictures, copings and etchings can also add a lot of value along with cost to a monument. 

How do we pay?

Most families chose to pay in full when placing an order or make a deposit when ordering.  We require full payment prior to adding the inscription and design to your monument and before installation.  No interest payment plans can also be arranged.  We would be happy to work with you in whatever way works best for you.  We accept cash, check, credit card, paypal and Moxey (through TangiTrade).  

What if one person is still living? How do you add their date later?

If a monument is ordered that will need a final date and or verse added later we can do that work in the cemetery at the time of need.  Final dates and verses are not included at the time of purchase.

Can I add a coping or border around the grave?

Most cemeteries allow copings to be placed or poured around a plot.  If unsure it is best to ask the cemetery directly.  Double copings are designed large enough to be able to bury in later without the need to dismantle to take apart.

Our cemetery said we have to purchase from them. Is this true?

A cemetery can not legally force  you to purchase a monument from them.  You have the right to purchase from anyone.  However some flat "bronze only" cemeteries do make this difficult and may try to charge additional fees if not purchased from them.  Contact us to see how we can work with you to avoid being "forced" to deal with these situations.

Can I just buy from the funeral home?

You can purchase a monument from a number of retailers in our area however, our specialty is creating a distinct memorial for your loved one.  Funeral Homes excel at helping families through the funeral process and florists provide beautiful arrangements.  Creating unique, lasting memorials is our specialty, we welcome the opportunity to show you what we can offer.


How long do we have to wait to install a monument?

There is no reason to wait to purchase a monument.  Monuments are placed at the head of the grave above where the actual grave has been dug.  

How long does it take to get a monument?

Typical delivery is 60 - 90 days from date of purchase.  Each monument is custom made per your order.  

What area do you cover?

Our office is located in Hammond Louisiana which means our primary area of coverage is Hammond, Ponchatoula and all of Tangipahoa parish including Amite, Independence, Kentwood, Tangipahoa, Tickfaw and Robert.  We also work in Livingston, St. Tammany, Washington, St. Helena,  and St. John parishes.

Other questions?

 Email or call  985-956-7105