Add a final date to an existing monument


Add a final date to an existing monument

Fill out the form below to place an order for a final date.  We will contact you for payment and to arrange any additional work you may need completed

This service is $300.00.

Additional lettering, cleaning, etc. not included.  Final dates are grouped with others in a particular area or direction.  Normal completion time is 60 days.  


Cleaning and Re-Leveling services

Hammond Memorial Design also offers cleaning and re-leveling services.   Contact us for prices or fill out the form below. 


Can no longer read the name on Grandma's stone?

Contact us to add the paint back in the letters and design.  Many companies use paint to make the inscription visible and paint simply won't last.  But we can brighten it back up for years to come.

D/2 Biological Cleaner used to clean monuments

D/2 Biological Solution

In stock - stop by to pick some up

We carry D/2 in easy to use spray bottles and gallon jugs.  It is easy to use.

Who uses it?

 D/2 is the go to product for cleaning monuments.  The only cleaner recommenced by the Department of Veterans Affairs for cleaning military monuments and used by Cemetery Preservationists across the nation. 

How to use?

You can simply spray it on and walk away. For those hard to clean jobs a gentle scrubbing with a nylon brush will get the process started.  Or call, we would be happy to clean it for you.

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