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Ceramic Portraits


A ceramic portrait can be added to existing monuments.  Using NFC (Near Field Communication) they are a great way to link to an online memorial. - ask us about Eternal Timekeeper

Granite Vases


Need a flower vase?  There are several options for adding vases to an existing monument.



Etchings are by far the best way to add detail to a design or customize a scene.  Using laser and hand drawn etchings any image can be added to a monument.



Bonded Marble Statues are an affordable option to hand carved statues.  Statues can be carved of marble or granite, but bonded marble statues offer great detail.

Adding Color

Using Glass inlays we can add permanent color to a monument.   



Adding bronze can create a striking memorial.  Bronze, flowers, crosses and monuments are another way to personalize.

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Cremation Urns


We offer a wide variety of Granite, Wood, Ceramic and Metal urns and cremation keepsakes.  Ceramic urns also offer the ability to customize with lasting full color photos and inscriptions.

Custom Ceramic Inserts


Ceramic pictures can be inset and  custom shaped.  They  are another way to add true permanent color.



Benches are a great addition to a grave space, but more often they are being used as an actual memorial in place of a traditional monument.  They are also fantastic ways to recognized donors for various non cemetery related purposes.

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